William Garnett

I was discharged and heard you could hitchhike on the transport taking GIs home. The airplane was full, but the captain let me sit in the navigator's seat so I had a command view. I was amazed at the variety and beauty of these United States. I had never seen anything like that--in a book, in school, or since then. So I changed my career.

--William Garnet. (Napa: 2006)

William Garnett's aerial photographs defies the stereotype of aerial photography as purely scientific and free from artistry. Garett's work resembles abstract expressionist paintings. As landscapes, they do not have the conventional horizon line. His images all reveal patterns that are not seen from the ground. (Fear: 2006) Garnett became the first aerial photographer to earn the prestigious Guggenheim Award. (Napa: 2006)

Garnett takes aerial photographs that show the beauty of the land when seen from above.His pictures of sand dewns look like abstract pictures, the photos of housing development sights look like patterns
, everything is flattened out and looks facinating.

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