Marilyn Bridges

Marilyn Bridges a photographer, pilot and explorer. Her work has scientific value, but it is also driven by her personal vision and the exhilaration of flight. It highlights the similarity between mark-makers of long ago and the builders of modern cities. Many of the earliest earth works she photographed are impossible to see compleately from the ground. By legend, they were not built to be seen by the makers but by their gods.

Bridges said "I felt as though I was in the presence of a great force, a force that provided unity, that challenged the narrow perspectives of our lives by requiring us to step back enough to view the whole." (Hartshorn: 2011)

Seeing from above is not the same as seeing from the ground. It is not just a matter of up and down. It takes quite some time to be able to condense information from such a large scale of vision. Seeing from a bird's perspective with human eyes initially can be confusing--one gets lost in the sweep of imagery and feels restricted by the apparent flatness of everything (Bridges: 2011)

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